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Welcome to MyActiveChild.com!


Amazing that I actually get to write this post and let you all know…THE MYACTIVECHILD.COM WEBSITE IS UP!!! I have wanted to do that for months!

This journey began last Thanksgiving as I was driving home from Boston with my 2 year old, 5 month old, and giant muppet of a dog…. listening to Elmo on repeat. My husband of course was deployed, we were all exhausted, and I was already focused on what activities we could find for the coming week.

As I tried to come up with ideas I kept thinking back to recent conversations with friends that all began “Does anyone know of dance or soccer for 2 year olds?” or “Has anyone found a preschool that they really love?” I started thinking how nice it would be to have all the kids activities in one place…maybe have some reviews so we could all get feedback from each other… and that was the moment….. MyActiveChild.com was born.

I created this site for every one of us who has ever wondered what there was to do with the kids or grandkids, or where the local play areas were, or the closest library. Please, as you are clicking around the site, take a moment and leave reviews of activities and resources you have experience with. Someone will learn from it and be thankful for your feedback!
Speaking of feedback, bring it on! The site is far from “finished”, there are things that will be added daily, especially to the calendar. I welcome the good and the bad feedback and I know I am far (FAR!!!) from perfect – if you find a link that doesn’t work, or outdated information please take a moment to let me know so I can get it right.

A special thank you to Laura A Frugal Chick and Naoma Ask Naoma for all their support and feedback!

Also, to all the local individuals and businesses who have been so welcoming as I have gotten this project off the ground-Thank you.

Lots of great things to come….giveaways….guest blogs…..information and of course the activities and events. Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here!


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