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March 14, 2020

Fun Riddles and Trick Questions for Kids and Family: 300 of the BEST Riddles and Brain Teasers That Kids and Family Will Love - Ages 4 - 8, 9 -12 (Game Book Gift Ideas 1) more >

February 19, 2020

Here we have over 300 riddles to challenge and encourage children to use their thinking abilities. Some are fun and humorous; while others require a little more concentration, even for adult people! more >

December 29, 2019

You can make this collection of 2 books in 1 a part of your family's daily ritual or enjoy it occasionally. You can also read it with your friends - riddles make a great party game! Just don't be afraid to say silly things and laugh a lot! more >

November 20, 2018

Get ready for some unforgettable family fun with this massive riddle collection for children of all ages! more >

March 5, 2018

This book consists of the best riddles of all time. These riddles are categorized to optimize your attention and reasoning capabilities. As you go along the book, riddles become tougher and more complicated. more >

June 24, 2017

They are especially suitable for children between the age bracket of 5 years and 12 years. This collection of 100 brain teasers is not only amazing but unique in style and design. more > Hampton Roads Group
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