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July 10, 2020

Who is Mr. Hoopeyloops? A crazy, odd man or an artistic genius? Join Mr. Hoopeyloops as he reveals a special surprise for the townspeople. In this colorful children's book, children will learn to see life and people a little bit differently. They will understand that just because someone is different, it doesn't mean he is strange. Enjoy the surprise! more >

July 9, 2020

A Funny Count the Dinosaurs Puzzle Book for Kids! more >

July 7, 2020

Follow Arial the Unicorn on a fun journey as she guides us through the Kind and Compassionate Yoga Series, a beautiful and brave sequence of 16 poses. more >

July 7, 2020

The busy birthday party season is over, and now these unicorns want a break. Will they go to a carnival, the Wild West, or participate in a fun parade? more >

July 5, 2020

This is a beautifully illustrated story that teaches us about celebrating diversity while enabling children to learn and practice Spanish. more >

July 3, 2020

Learn to empower kids of all ages with a simple, life changing skill. Don't let the title fool you. "Powering-Up" helps us deal with challenging situations including being bullied, starting kindergarten OR college, and more. more >

July 2, 2020

Recommended ages 9-12. NY Times Bestselling Author E.G. Foley brews up a magical potion for fantasy readers of all ages! more >

July 1, 2020

Only Losers Don't Have Cell Phones... That's what Sophie thinks in the beginning of this hilarious and heartwarming, illustrated chapter book about fitting in. more >

June 30, 2020

Brother can’t understand why he has so many mismatched socks. No matter where he looks, he can’t find two that are the same. more >

June 29, 2020

It's Good Deeds Week again! And Stephen is starting out his favorite week of the year with enthusiasm in his heart and the Good Deeds checklist in his hand. more >

June 28, 2020

Steve is an excited new member of a local village. Though he still has a lot to learn about the world of Minecraft, he is doing his best to fit in with his new neighbors in what he hopes will be his permanent home. more >

June 25, 2020

Growing Friendships During the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Kids' Guide to Staying Close to Friends While Being Apart more >

June 23, 2020

Little Lu has the perfect day planned. New paints = a full day of painting bliss. All of her plans come crashing down when she ends up having to entertain her little cousin instead. more >

June 22, 2020

Go on a reading adventure with Safari Readers and discover the amazing world of Sea Turtles! more >

June 18, 2020

Jazmine Crawford doesn’t make decisions. She doesn’t make choices. She doesn’t make friends. Jazmine only wants one thing: to be invisible. more >

June 17, 2020

From exciting and adventurous to educational and captivating, Save the Land tells the story of Amari who learns what Momma and all of the people in Africa are working so hard to achieve! This engaging book teaches about the effort to combat desertfication in Africa. more >

June 16, 2020

Penelope is an indecisive little girl. She likes everything she sees and has trouble when faced with having to choose what she wants. more >

June 15, 2020

Recommended ages 12+. Magnolia Woodson wants nothing more than to get her and her sister, Rose, out of the pitifully small, clamming-obsessed Oregon town that hates them—she just doesn’t know how. more >

June 14, 2020

The book contains 600+ pieces of trivia and is covering topics that kids love: cute animals and human body. more >

June 11, 2020

A clever little mouse knows what he wants; to get in the house. But How? more >

June 10, 2020

Written in beautiful rhyme this is an excellent story that values patience, acceptance and bond between a big brother and his baby sister. more >

June 9, 2020

Enter the magical world of fairy tales retold through LEGO bricks! more >

June 8, 2020

Izzy comes from a family of excellent burglars. But every time Izzy takes something that doesn’t belong to her, she gets a bad feeling in her stomach that won’t go away. more >

June 7, 2020

With magical animals, science, mystery, and adventure -- the brand new series Zoey and Sassafras has something for everyone! more >

June 5, 2020

Don’t underestimate Ava just because she’s “cute” and wears “adorable glasses”—she’s really a fierce monster slayer. more >

June 4, 2020

In this fun book for youngsters, Sammy wants to communicate, but can't. Sammy and his family go on a hunt to find his voice. After looking everywhere, they end up at a speech-language pathologist's office. Along with his stuffy, Mr. Monster, Sammy and his Mom learn new ways to develop his speech and language skills. more >

June 2, 2020

Choose from ninety-one different models and build and fly your very own paper airplane. more >

June 1, 2020

Ocho and Ono are not excited about the idea of letting another kitty friend into their perfect lives, but Tiger refuses to take no for an answer. more >

June 1, 2020

The gang's all here! Scooby-Doo and his friends are teaming up with the most unlikely superheroes to save the world, solve mysteries and eat some Scooby Snacks! more >

May 28, 2020

Stop Breathe and Think, Follows a young girl named Lemar, who is faced with a challenging situation in her school. more >

May 27, 2020

A funny, friendly pocket sloth at school! Kids fall in love with the adorable pocket sloth when they see him, but they love him even more when they see what he gets up to! more >

May 26, 2020

A children’s book series friendship, imagination, courage, determination and exploring the African savannah. more >

May 25, 2020

A children’s book about friendship, imagination, courage, determination and trying new things. more >

May 24, 2020

This picture book shows children they can enjoy a hug in all kinds of circumstances, but that they can always say NO to an unwanted hug. more >

May 22, 2020

Uncover a new side of the Marvel Universe, accessible to old fans and new readers alike, as Stohl weaves an unforgettable story through the world of the Black Widow. more >

May 21, 2020

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs books for kids! more >

May 19, 2020

Poor Nameless tries to explain to the reader why this book is simply the WORST book in the whole entire world. Will he succeed in his noble quest? more >

May 17, 2020

When Little Mouse gets her tail caught in a rusty old trap late one night, no one can hear her calls for help ... except for Bubba, a French Bulldog with big ears that never sleep. more >

May 15, 2020

Noah's New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good more >

May 14, 2020

From exciting and adventurous to educational and captivating, Bethany Stahl's immersive stories express heartfelt messages while engaging parents and children. With beautiful and charming illustrations, as well as a lovable sea turtle named Agwe, this is a book adults will love reading over and over again with their kids. Save the Ocean has a heartwarming lesson of recycling and conservation that will stay with the reader for a lifetime. more >

May 13, 2020

The morning had just begun and Molly is already having a bad day. She tries to find her favorite game but her closet is just too messy and when she digs through her stuff, things fly everywhere. more >

May 12, 2020

Armed with her detective kit, and with the support of her BFF Alexa and a team of secret agents, Skylar sets out to decipher the clues and find the diamonds. Can she outwit a gang of older bullies and find the hidden jewels before they do? more >

May 9, 2020

A modern twist on Aesop’s fable, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. While Thomas Tent-Mouse loves to camp in his tent where he feels connected to nature, his cousin Harvey RV-Mouse loves to camp in his RV where he feels safe. Adventure awaits these outdoor-loving cousins, as they learn that it’s okay to like different things. more >

May 6, 2020

Gratitude and appreciation can make life wonderful. These five short stories are excellent for teaching your little one about being thankful for the things they have. Each story is beautifully crafted with morals and lessons about gratitude and includes just for fun activities! more >

May 5, 2020

Finnie and Jayden are friends with big wishes! Will Miss Swani's lessons in Mindfulness help their wishes come true? more >

May 5, 2020

This is a STEM book and more! An inspiring, inclusive, whimsical way to learn about computers and technology from real-life trailblazers. more >

May 4, 2020

How to Draw for Minecrafters A Step by Step Easy Guide (Unofficial) Kids 8 to 14 - Minecraft gifts for boys: Amazing Activities for Minecrafters. more >

May 2, 2020

Inspired by actual events, The Lost Narwhal is a story about embracing your uniqueness and learning what it means to feel accepted. more >

May 1, 2020

This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of America's most beloved and iconic pioneers in aviation, Amelia Earhart. more >

April 29, 2020

Judy Moody was in a mood. Not a good mood. A bad mood. A mad-faced mood. more >

April 28, 2020

Ollie had a problem. Ollie wasn’t LIKE all the other kids in the world. Ollie was born to be different! And so were you. more >

April 27, 2020

This is an invitation to a new nighttime ritual, a going-to-bed book that reminds us all that bedtime can be the most wonderful time of all... more >

April 26, 2020

The scifi adventure novel that gets kids excited about STEM and turns non-readers into readers! more >

April 25, 2020

This book teaches them (and you) how to handle some of the coronaviruses' biggest buzzwords. Social Distancing, Shelter at Home, and something about washing your hands (for 20 seconds!). more >

April 24, 2020

Sometimes kids are happy. Sometimes they are sad. Kids learn in this book that it’s okay, either way! more >

April 23, 2020

A boy and a lonely pony find friendship and comfort in each other. more >

April 21, 2020

This playful, thought-provoking tale explores life’s evolution through the five mass extinctions. more >

April 20, 2020

A beautifully illustrated collection of prose retellings of seven Shakespeare plays will bring the Bard to life for young readers. more >

April 19, 2020

You don’t choose the book—the book chooses you. Sixth grader Spencer Lemon has a degenerative eye disease—and he’s rapidly losing his eyesight. So he has no idea why he was chosen to guard Pandora’s Book. more >

April 17, 2020

This picture book, first published in Brazil, offers kids a unique look into the lives of children who live along Brazil’s beautiful Tapajós River. more >

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