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March 22, 2019

Want to spark curiosity and arouse your little one’s leadership skills? Inspire your future entrepreneur to follow its passion and introduce him or her to the world of entrepreneurship with the story of Jasmine. more >

March 19, 2019

Nobody knows Stargazer secretly dreams of freedom. Could there be another life outside the fairground where wild horses roam free? more >

March 18, 2019

Tommy James may be little but he knows how to wrangle in a bully like Bo Jones. A cowboy’s story about wit and determination. Tommy James may be the littlest cowboy in Reckon' but he has the heart and determination of a giant. more >

March 16, 2019

Everybody loves monkeys! Kids will love Hilde - the little Capuchin monkey who was rescued in Bolivia. This true inspirational story will delight children of all ages. more >

March 15, 2019

The dragons of Quace are a boisterous bunch, and this scaly family is home alone with Dad! How will he cope with the chaos? more >

March 14, 2019

Bobby the Garbage Truck can’t stop sneezing, and he and his friends don’t know why. They’re working together to get through the mess, but can Bobby and his buddies Willy the Street Sweeper and Sam the Fire Engine solve the mystery of The Very Sneezy Garbage Truck before the whole town is covered in trash? more >

March 13, 2019

The day before Carlos’s birthday, Nelly’s lazy ways and Carlos’s bossiness cause a big argument and Carlos takes off on his holidays. Afraid that Carlos will make new friends and leave her forever, Nelly decides to make him the biggest, best birthday cake ever! more >

March 12, 2019

Cami Kangaroo loves sweets. In fact, she can't stop thinking about them. Even after Mommy catches her eating from a bucket of ice cream, she still finds ways to sneak them. Will she ever be able to listen? more >

March 10, 2019

Rose is teased at school and feels bad about herself. When her Mom hears her crying, she decides to teach Rose how powerful words are when they follow the words I AM. Rose learns that she has the power to determine how she feels about herself, not the kids at school that bully her. more >

March 8, 2019

One evening Bobby confessed that he is afraid to sleep in his bed. It is a quite often situation for little kids. Bobby's Mom treats with understanding to his feelings and peculiarly calms him. She makes up a story that makes her son smile and ready to sleep. more >

March 7, 2019

Scribble, the book's main character, never thought he was different until he met his first drawing. Then, after being left out because he didn't look like everyone else. Scribble teaches the other drawings how to accept each other for who they are. Which enables them to create amazing art together! more >

March 6, 2019

Sometimes kids are happy. Sometimes they are sad. Kids learn in this book that it’s okay, either way! more >

March 4, 2019

A terrible curse. An island of happiness trying to survive. A hidden treasure that can save the MAGIC. more >

March 1, 2019

Featuring charming illustrations by Christina Sanchez, “Brightley & Glow” tells the story of two star brothers who are best friends. One night, Godfather Moon tells Brightley that he will need to leave his little brother Glow in order to become a shooting star. Will the brothers have to say goodbye? more >

February 28, 2019

Crab and Whale is a beautifully illustrated story, designed to subtly introduce children to the skills and practice of mindfulness. A perfect bed time or play time story and a must have on the bookshelves and kindles of all busy children. more >

February 26, 2019

Little elephant Bina Trunk wants to be a Princess. But while she's focused on herself, she forgets to show kindness to others. more >

February 25, 2019

Funny and totally true childhood biographies and full-color illustrations tell the tales from the challenging yet defining growing-up years of great writers, artists, athletes, and presidents. more >

February 23, 2019

Find out how Emma meets and comes to love her cherished stuffed animal collection. There is a bunny, a seal, a puppy, a bear, a monkey and a kitten. more >

February 22, 2019

The stars are shining and the moon is bright. It's time for bed, but he's not ready for night! How many stalls can be used before Momma's little angel is fast asleep and counting sheep? more >

February 21, 2019

Learn different means of transportation and vehicles that start with all the letters of the alphabet. Each page is dedicated to a letter of the alphabet and colorful images depicting various examples of transportation and vehicles. more >

February 18, 2019

This delightful picture book has been expertly designed to help any child quickly and easily learn their first words in Spanish. more >

February 15, 2019

Tess the Princess Dress is the rhyming tale of the journey one princess dress takes to discover who she truly is. more >

February 13, 2019

Recommended ages 11-18. This riveting, middle-school zombie thriller is told through the eyes of Daphne, an Autistic twelve-year-old girl. Feel what she feels, and see what she sees as this adventure keeps you on your toes. Daphne isn't just your typical twelve-year-old girl. more >

February 12, 2019

A spoiled cat living in a fancy hotel in Paris, France finds himself unable to enter the hotel one day. Hungry and alone, he strolls to the Tuileries Gardens, where he meets up with street cats. Together the cats find food and shelter, but Andre finds something else that changes his life forever. more >

February 11, 2019

In My Breath Loves Me, four colorful and engaging illustrated episodes teach children how to handle when strong emotions may occur, how to notice possible body sensations that arise, and how strong emotions can transform into calmness by using their own breaths. more >

February 10, 2019

Whitson Mariner and Fleck Blackstar face old fears and new enemies, forging a legend that will echo through the ages. Old wars haunt. New enemies threaten. An oath is born. A hero rises. more >

February 9, 2019

Kids' Kindle Book: The Wonderful Roundabout is a collection of short stories for children, meant to inspire little ones to be kind, brave and curious. more >

February 8, 2019

Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs is an engaging and easy-to-read rhyming picture book that teaches children about various STEM / STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). more >

February 4, 2019

Pineapple Cove is just like any other island town. Well, except for one thing... It has a secret. One that Kai and Delphi must uncover if they hope to save their town from a giant octopus monster. Will Kai and Delphi uncover the secret in time to save their town? more >

February 1, 2019

Mom's Choice Award Gold Recipient 2018. Royal Dragonfly Winner 2018. Kid Tested. Parent Approved. Life at Flint Hill Elementary School may seem normal, but seven friends find themselves on a path to crack the code for an epic life. more >

January 31, 2019

Meet Rex. He is so clumsy that he breaks everything. All the kids tease him about his big feet and clumsy ways. Imagine Rex in a glass factory! That won't work. Or will it? When Rex learns that Mr. Hoopeyloops needs an assistant, he vows to become that assistant. Find out what happens! more >

January 30, 2019

RAD Girl Revolution: The children's book for little girls with BIG dreams! more >

January 29, 2019

Big Brown Bears can be really GRUMPY! Especially when they don't get enough sleep... Join Brown Bear as he trudges along his grumpy way, trying to find a reason to be happy. more >

January 28, 2019

Little Brother notices that a dark cloud is causing Big Sister to act differently, so he tries to fix it himself. more >

January 27, 2019

The Instant Pot Cookbook for Kids: 53 Safe, Fun, and Confidence Building Recipes for Your Young Chef more >

January 26, 2019

Follow Max and his fantastic imagination as he leads you through his exciting adventures! In Max's Football Dream, If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It, read along as Max has his first experience with the sport of football and wonder at the ideas and goals it inspires in his young mind! more >

January 25, 2019

Have you ever thought about how a monkey gets to work; or how about a zebra? Join everyone's favourite animals as they make the daily commute. more >

January 24, 2019

Sixth grader Sophie Washington, her good friends, Chloe and Valentina, and her parents and brother, Cole, are in for a week of adventure when her father signs them up for a spring break mission trip to Costa Rica. more >

January 23, 2019

A sci-fi adventure for kids, written by an author of The Fallacy Detective. This is a small, but feisty, story about Archer and Zowie: two friends who build a space ship on purpose but crash land on an alien planet by accident. Then, get into a big argument about it. It is also about the Teleportee. A device so strange it can chew on the whole universe in one googlebillionth of a second. more >

January 21, 2019

Mama Mouse is running as fast as her little legs can carry her, while holding onto her two frightened babies, an armful of cherished heirlooms, and a basketful of food! The old abandoned farmhouse is being demolished, what is Mama to do? more >

January 20, 2019

The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Little Rock Central High is the autobiography of Elizabeth Eckford, an iconic member of the Little Rock Nine who made civil rights history desegregating their school in 1957. more >

January 19, 2019

Anna Sophia always knew she was different. Her past is a mystery. Discovered living with wild bears in Russia as a baby, she’s not like everyone else in the Swiss orphanage where she now lives. But it’s not until she turns thirteen that she finds out her secret. more >

January 18, 2019

The complete illustrated edition of The Wizard of Oz. more >

January 17, 2019

Why is Monster in Such a Bad Mood? Despite our best efforts, reality doesn't always meet our expectations. There is no need to be upset or mad. more >

January 15, 2019

Since the fire, twelve-year-old Charlie Stevens hasn't had an address or phone number—which he needs to keep very quiet. more >

January 14, 2019

It’s Puppy Pickup Day! Follow this tiny puppy with a huge heart as he overcomes his insecurities and discovers the power of kindness, friendship and love. This book is written by April Cox and illustrated by Len Smith. more >

January 13, 2019

Where Are We picture book is one of the top best sellers to debut this year. This exciting imaginative, class field trip is full of mystery and adventure. more >

January 8, 2019

Do twins Bella and Maceo have the lucky ducks? Can they use science to shift the odds in their favor and win their class duck race? more >

January 7, 2019

Poky, a baby sea turtle awakes to find he missed the annual sea turtle race. He meets several beach friends along the way who offer conflicting advice on how to find his way home. Confused and alone, Poky has decisions to make, but soon realizes he was not the last one when more sea turtles pop up from the hatch. The great turtle race is on…or is it? more >

January 6, 2019

This award-winning picture book will make you laugh out loud, while giving your children a new appreciation for the vegetables on their plate! more >

January 5, 2019

Darkness is falling across mystic Azdia. Soon, all of life will stop glowing with light. Soon, the trees will no longer spring to life. Already, many lumens, the caretakers of Azdia, have lost faith in their provider and protector, the mysterious Mr. Thicket. The only hope for them all are the awaited chosen ones, sent from another realm that is but a whisper of a rumor: a place called earth. more >

January 4, 2019

This beautifully illustrated, hilariously written, and delightfully engaging step-by-step guide is designed for kids (ages 8+) to learn the fundamentals of coding and apply them to amazingly innovative projects. more >

January 3, 2019

Illustrations and humorous rhyming text portray a young child’s walk through the woods and several animals seen along the way. A crafty bear, a timid bunny, a curious raccoon, and a few other forest animals--all peeking out from the pages of this book. more >

December 31, 2018

Descended from Dragons. Condemned to Death. Destined for Glory...Andie Rogers is no stranger to death and secrecy. Recommended ages 12-18. more >

December 30, 2018

The Story about little Squirrel Speedy and how he learned to put others first, in the cutest manner will teach your child important life lessons, how to be polite, don't be greedy and be a good friend. more >

December 29, 2018

Most of us have faced the fact that an owl will never come with our acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Find out what this teen does to take matters into her own hands. more >

December 24, 2018

In the early 1800s, Nicholas Santa discovered an ancient race of elven... more >

December 22, 2018

Sign up for the spelling bee? No way! If there's one thing 10-year-old Texan Sophie Washington is good at, it's spelling. She's earned straight 100s on all her spelling tests to prove it. Her parents want her to compete in the Xavier Academy spelling bee, but Sophie wishes they would buzz off. That's until her irritating classmate, Nathan Jones, challenges her. more >

December 18, 2018

A little boy wakes up in the morning and realizes he has lost his smile. After spending the entire day trying to find it, he learns the truth behind smiles: the only real smiles are the shared ones. more >

December 17, 2018

Let your child’s imagination run wild in this immersive and delightful collection of Christmas short story picture books starring the Dyno Dinosaur Family! more >

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