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June 24, 2019

Lucy the unicorn has trouble making friends with the other animals. She thinks she needs to look like a horse to hang out with the horses, or like a zebra to hang out with the zebras. more >

June 23, 2019

Otto the otter is in trouble. His pond is a mess and a muddle From the trash of tourists who are less than subtle. To save his home he needs some muscle. Can Otto rescue his friends and together clean up this muddy puddle? more >

June 20, 2019

Yapper the snapper wants to play, but all his friends are sick today. From the pollution in the ocean and waste in the waves. To have some fun, first he must rescue his friends along the way. Join Yapper on his heroic adventures to save the day. more >

June 19, 2019

Berkley has a huge nose. He is always sticking it where it doesn’t belong, always getting into trouble. Can Berkley ever find a way to put his super sniffer to good use? more >

June 18, 2019

Perfect for ages 2 to 5, join the fun-loving Good Mood Gorki as it takes a sad girl on a magical adventure packed full of "good mood" wonders designed to bring her cheer and make her frowns disappear! more >

June 15, 2019

Those 14 lovable rocks (and one wise little ladybug) are back on the hill for another adventure as they help their new friend, Tess, learn the importance of believing in yourself, and that everyone matters. more >

June 14, 2019

The World Cup is very hard to win, so how do you win it in pajamas? more >

June 13, 2019

The dragons of Quace are a boisterous bunch, and this scaly family is home alone with Dad! How will he cope with the chaos? more >

June 10, 2019

Bloof is a small, round white puff of fur. He is a poof, but what is a poof? Join Bloof on his adventure to find out what a poof is and learn about the lesson of being yourself. Bloof learns that being 'one of a kind' is a good thing! more >

June 9, 2019

Xavier Academy is having a computer coding competition with a huge cash prize! Sixth grader Sophie Washington and her friend Chloe can't wait to enter! more >

June 6, 2019

#1 NYT bestselling author and world-renowned financial expert Suze Orman makes her children’s book debut in this story of a one-dollar bill named Billy and penny named Penny. more >

June 5, 2019

Discover the Classic Fairy Tales & Bedtime Stories Collections of Beatrice Wood for busy parents! 32 shortened fairy tales, folk tales and famous stories (of the original versions), perfect for jam-packed days! more >

June 4, 2019

Click the link to download: A World without Failures (Growth Mindset)     This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Also, make… more >

June 2, 2019

Aiden has a case of "The Actuallys," and just can't help but correct others on the most trivial of facts. One day, someone gives him a piece of advice that could change everything... will he listen to the advice or keep up old habits? more >

June 1, 2019

After a terrifying encounter with Emerson Drake, Becky and Joe Mellor return to Bowen Hall for the Easter Holidays. All seems quite normal until they meet Shamus Cusack, a young Irishman with a shocking story to tell, and are pitched into a quest for the fourth Eden Relic, the Sword of Ages. more >

May 30, 2019

"Daddy's Arms," is a fun and imaginative story of a young boy's adventurous interactions with his dad. more >

May 29, 2019

Dynomike is excited about his first day of summer camp, but he also worries that he won't fit in. more >

May 21, 2019

Myra and Kassy Cooper have discovered a magic library in their gran’s house. A wicked witch has cast a spell on the books and the characters inside are forgetting who they are. more >

May 20, 2019

Brian is a little T-Rex who has problems because of his tiny arms. Many of the activities he cannot do are easy for others with long arms, but that doesn’t stop Brian the T-Rex from finding new and interesting ways to play sports, hit a piñata, and enjoy other activities. Each time Brian figures out a new solution, he wonders how it will help him with similar activities. more >

May 19, 2019

Set your sights on an adventure through the Cosmos with the Hubble Telescope. This book, specifically designed for kids, sparks imagination as they travel through time and space to see fantastical nebulae and distant galaxies. more >

May 17, 2019

Little elephant Bina Trunk wants to be a Princess. But while she's focused on herself, she forgets to show kindness to others. more >

May 16, 2019

Cami Kangaroo loves sweets. In fact, she can't stop thinking about them. Even after Mommy catches her eating from a bucket of ice cream, she still finds ways to sneak them. Will she ever be able to listen? more >

May 14, 2019

"How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas" a Kids Mental Toughness book is now being used by parents, coaches, in kids groups, and in many classrooms. more >

May 7, 2019

Scribble Stones Art Guide is a fun craft book that gives step by step illustrated directions for decorating your Scribble Stones. It's intended to teach fun techniques and tips to help spark creativity. more >

May 5, 2019

In this book, Travel Bug travels to Mexico and learns about the exciting country. From their spicy foods to their ancient Aztec pyramids, Travel Bug explains everything in a child-friendly way. more >

May 4, 2019

Come and discover how even on the busiest of days, we can always make time to relax in the littlest of ways! more >

May 2, 2019

This story is about a little boy who keeps hearing, "Never let a dinosaur scribble!" He wonders what would happen if he just gave him one crayon to scribble with, and realizes that the dinosaur had other ideas in mind! more >

May 1, 2019

This counting book was created to help children learn their numbers from 1 through 50. This book also illustrates how important safety is on and off the farm. The pictures are entertaining and geared to keep children engaged and excited to learn their numbers from 1 to 50. more >

April 30, 2019

RAD Girl Revolution: The children's book for little girls with BIG dreams! more >

April 29, 2019

Something very different has emerged from a butterfly chrysalis and she is about to make children's imaginations soar! more >

April 28, 2019

Does your child feel able to do hard things? Hopefully the answer is YES! but even the most independent children need reminders sometimes. more >

April 27, 2019

This adventure starts with an ordinary trip to the lake, but then Will’s imagination takes over. more >

April 26, 2019

Ever been invited to dinner only to find out, you’re the main course? That’s sort of what happened to twelve year old Haley. more >

April 25, 2019

Circus Wilson has many famous performers and Lee is one of the most talented of artists. He is a juggler extraordinaire and an acrobat who has mastered the four-time somersault among his other skills, but Lee has one problem. He is little. more >

April 24, 2019

Paige has a pet bird named Robin, at the park, they befriend sick cloud Air. They want to help Air to get well. Together with friends Paige and Robin help Air to become healthy again. more >

April 23, 2019

Kyle and his mom have different opinions about creativity. He can't live without it, and she doesn’t have time for it. Kyle has to show his mom that using her imagination doesn’t call for too much time. more >

April 22, 2019

Join Luke on his journey to protect what he loves with this engaging children's picture book about sustainability and acting green. After noticing the damage caused to the environment and animals due to trash and waste, Luke decides to take action. He believes he can have a big impact on the world around him and invites his readers to join him! more >

April 21, 2019

It can be confusing to feel so much each day. “Are You A Good Egg?” explains that different feelings are normal, and even though moods are ever-changing, people are good because they have a good heart. And that doesn’t change. more >

April 20, 2019

Kindness can be only a Snippet away! Join this fun story about how a little snippet wants desperately to live in the kindness jar because he learns that it brings kindness to the world, but can't figure out the right words to help spread kindness. more >

April 19, 2019

With his best friend Miguel by his side, Max never thought about the fact that he was a little different and kind of shy. But now that has Miguel moved away, Max has to figure out how to make new friends and he has no idea how it all works. To make matters worse, he only has one month to do it before the new school year starts. YIKES! more >

April 17, 2019

From saying please to sharing toys, your child will learn how to spread kindness in everyday situations as school and at home! Join a little SPOT on a journey as he SPOTS kindness and shows children a fun way to remember to be kind too! more >

April 16, 2019

Alice Carroll hardly remembers life before the plague. When the undead first crawled from their graves, it was like a nightmare. When they killed her mother, the nightmare became shockingly real. Now her sister Dinah has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ virus and without a cure, soon she’ll be worse than dead more >

April 15, 2019

Help your child learn to be active from a young age! Hop high like a bunny and stretch out like a cat! These playful illustrations will be sure to get your young child off the couch and ready to play! more >

April 14, 2019

The Rainbow Monsters are back, teaching you how to be mindful. If you want to grow up as fit, healthy, happy and strong as a monster, join them in their colourful antics. more >

April 13, 2019

It is fun eating your vegetables when you go with Papa to his garden! Oh NO! Something is eating the garden! Could it be a frog, pig, raccoon, alligator, or something MUCH BIGGER? Go with Papa and solve the mystery. more >

April 11, 2019

Follow the adventures of Pasquale the Easter Bunny! When there is a heavy snow before Easter, how will the Easter Bunny deliver Easter baskets to all the children? This is an excellent read for beginning and early readers. Each story is easy to read and exciting with cute and bright illustrations for younger readers. more >

April 9, 2019

The story is about a little fish who is coming to stay in a big aquarium full of bigger and older fish. Little Fish is frightened by her surroundings and worried about what the other fish will think of her. more >

April 8, 2019

Sometimes Elise feels happy, but sometimes she feels sad. There are things in her life that even make her feel MAD. Elise is a clever little girl, however, so she stops and thinks about her feelings, and realizes that she is always important and that she MATTERS. more >

April 7, 2019

Sign up for the spelling bee? No way! If there's one thing 10-year-old Texan Sophie Washington is good at, it's spelling. She's earned straight 100s on all her spelling tests to prove it. Her parents want her to compete in the Xavier Academy spelling bee, but Sophie wishes they would buzz off. That's until her irritating classmate, Nathan Jones, challenges her. more >

April 5, 2019

"Never let a Princess Paint With Her Unicorn!" is a fun story that shows children the beauty in things that aren't perfect. And that when attempting art, a mess can turn into a masterpiece too! more >

April 1, 2019

Your children will incorporate the mindful mantra I Can Handle It almost immediately after reading this book! more >

March 31, 2019

Kids feel emotions in big ways! Here’s a great story for helping kids manage their feelings. more >

March 29, 2019

Ollie had a problem. Ollie wasn’t LIKE all the other kids in the world. Ollie was born to be different! And so were you. more >

March 28, 2019

Aqua the farm dog really loves to swim. Sometimes the farmer gets angry at him. Instead of herding sheep he loves to splash. Diving under water in a flash. more >

March 27, 2019

Is your child afraid of the dark? Are you having trouble with bedtime? You are not alone! Even those least likely to have a fear of the dark may have a story to share. In this book, you will meet Brady, a bat who oddly has a terrible fear of the dark. This poses quite a dilemma for a creature that sleeps in a dark cave and comes out to play at night. Learn how Brady discovers a creative way to solve this problem...with a little help from some friends. more >

March 26, 2019

Poor Mustard just wants to find someone that loves mustard, but nobody loves Mustard! Just when Ketchup gets all the attention, Mustard has had enough! That's right - he packs his things and travels into the deep forest to meet with all the animals to ask Life's biggest question, "Would You Like Some Mustard?" more >

March 25, 2019

Creativity is a Crime. Arts are Atrocities. Disobedience means Death. Dreams, Creativity, and Magic are all gone under a single order. Banned from the things that make you different, people must conform to a dull and practical lifestyle. more >

March 24, 2019

Never Let A Unicorn Get Spots is about a little girl who wakes up one day to her Unicorn covered in SPOTS! more >

March 22, 2019

Want to spark curiosity and arouse your little one’s leadership skills? Inspire your future entrepreneur to follow its passion and introduce him or her to the world of entrepreneurship with the story of Jasmine. more >

March 19, 2019

Nobody knows Stargazer secretly dreams of freedom. Could there be another life outside the fairground where wild horses roam free? more >

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