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  1. Kids’ Kindle Book: DynoMike Pay It Forward

    Follow Dynomike and his friends through their neighborhood as they use their hands, head, and heart in simple ways to pay it forward and brighten other’s lives.

    March 4, 2020
  2. Kids’ Kindle Book: Dynomike – Love Bug

    Dynomike trudges through the cold snow, feeling lonely and blue. Until he meets a magical new friend that has just what he needs to feel amazing again. Now Dynomike is on a mission to spread the joy and love to everyone!

    August 15, 2018
  3. Kids’ Kindle Book: Dynomike Back To School

    Starting something new can be scary for anyone, but with the right tools, it can be fun too! Join Dynomike in Back to School as he learns the secret to making new friends and fitting in anywhere!

    August 14, 2018
  4. Kids Kindle Book: Dynomike: Friendsgiving

    It’s almost Thanksgiving, and Dynomike’s friends are dreaming of all the delicious foods they’ll be eating. But Dynomike is depressed because he won’t be celebrating with a big feast this year. Just when he thinks his Thanksgiving is ruined, Dynomike gets something to really be thankful for.

    April 19, 2018
  5. Bedtime Story Suggestion: Dynomike – Magical Space

    From the Dynomike Series: Dynomike’s day is off to a rough start, and it only seems to be getting worse by the minute. A series of early-morning mishaps and nearly being late for school leaves him stressed and worried that the entire day will be a disaster. Luckily, the bus driver senses Dynomike’s distress and gives him a magic tool to calm down, refocus, and start thinking his way to a better day.

    December 7, 2017
  6. Bedtime Story Suggestion: Dynomike – Happy Shoes

    From the Dynomike! Series: Dynomike has too many shoes—shoes upon shoes—so many he doesn’t know which pair to choose. Realizing that life would be easier with fewer pairs to dig through, he decides to simplify, realizing in the process that getting rid of what he doesn’t need can be fun and help others.

    January 19, 2017