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Is there something that stresses you out on a daily basis?

For me it was always the looming question "What's for dinner?". I used to dread the question from the kids and dinner would often turn into just ordering take-out because I didn't have a plan.

I also used to spend hours going through recipes online and in my many (MANY) cookbooks trying to put together a weeks worth of meals that I thought would work for us.

What stressed me out the most was the realization that I wasn't always creating the healthy eating plan that we, as a family, had decided was so important. Another source of stress was that I was regularly spending more than my grocery budget, and too much of the food was going to waste.

I love the idea of having my meals planned, I just get overwhelmed by the process of doing it myself. I have recently tried a couple different meal planning programs and the one I am using right now is eMeals.

How it works:

Each week I receive an email list of dinner recipes (breakfast and lunch are also available), a shopping list, and my stress over dinner is solved.

I can't tell you how nice it is to have those decisions made, the ingredients in the house, and a schedule to follow. It has saved me hours a week and less food is wasted because I only buy what I need.


I chose to use the eMeals Vegetarian menu because it is easy to incorporate chicken and other meat into many of the meals. Eating a plant based diet is important to me (I am vegetarian but my husband is NOT) and so far the meals have been very family friendly.

Do I make changes to the menu? Sometimes I do, but I try to make them BEFORE I go to the grocery store and buy food I won't use! I also lean towards a clean eating approach and will make some things from scratch, like salad dressing, pesto, or marinara.

One reason I was so interested in sharing this program with you is that I know from your comments and posts that many of you are working to incorporate special diets into your lifestyles.

A feature that really impresses me about eMeals is that they have so many options available. Dinner menus to select from include:

  • Classic Meals
  • Clean Eating
  • Simple Gourmet
  • Paleo
  • Low Carb
  • Low Fat
  • Portion Control
  • Natural & Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian

Literally there is a menu plan for just about anyone (an FYI for the Vegetarians... many of the recipes are not Vegan).

Another reason I was interested in sharing this program- I know that many of you, like me, are trying to save money at the grocery store. eMeals calculates that their members save about $1,000 a year on groceries!

If meal planning or saving money at the store is something that you struggle with, a service like eMeals may be helpful!

Even better, I have a discount code for you! As a part of their promotion New Year, New You Save 15% with code "NEWYEAR" on eMeals - Exp 2/10/13!

Interested in checking out some of the recipes? I have a few to show you that are under 400 calories and $4 per serving. Click HERE for samples!

Click this banner to get started and choose your eMeals plan:

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