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Kids Cooking with Chef Kalani – Mashed Potatoes!

Welcome to our Series – Kids Cooking with Chef Kalani! 

photo of Chef Kalani wearing her cooking apron and chef's hat.

A Hampton Roads local, Chef Kalani has been cooking since she was 8 years old and can’t wait to share her love of cooking with kids and the MyActiveChild.com community. The goal of this series will be to give Chef Kalani a platform to inspire YOUR active child, sharing her excitement and passion for making child-friendly dishes to share with the entire family.  You can find Chef Kalani on her Facebook Page, and her YouTube Channel!

This Month’s Topic: Mashed Potatoes!

  • Before You Cook: Don’t forget the hand washing before and after you are preparing food.

PARENTS CORNER – Tips for Parents: Getting us to Eat Simple Yummy Meals!

  • DO IT TOGETHER – Kids get excited about tasting food when they are part of the
  • NO PRESSURE – Stay neutral. Do not get upset if they refuse a food
  • BUILD A BRIDGE – Kids are more likely to try new food when it is next to a familiar favorite.
  • RELAX – What and how much they are willing to eat may vary daily; aim for a nutritionally-balanced week.
  • GREAT PORTION – TASTY & FUN –  When meals are balanced, tasty, and fun kids will try them more readily. EAT

My Active Child Time: Savory Creamy Hand Mashed Potatoes with Chives

Kalani made some delicious mashed potatoes with chives that are both savory and creamy. They were hand mashed, giving them a homemade feel. Here is her list of ingredients:

    • Potatoes – Kalani used large Yukon gold potatoes with skin on for this recipe.
    • Herb Cream Cheese – this star ingredient adds creaminess to the potatoes and a
      little tangy taste. You can use light if you prefer. If you enjoy measurements add a
      teaspoon of Cream Cheese.
    • Butter – for added richness and flavor. I use plant-based but use what you prefer, it
      will be YUMMY!
    • Sea salt – a couple of teaspoons of sea salt helps to bring out all the other flavors.
    • Chives – the delicate flavor of fresh chives has a mild onion flavor with hints of

Enjoy Chef Kalani’s Savory Mash Potatoes! Let’s Eat… Yummy!

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