Guest Post: Olympic Torch Craft


With Winter Olympics in full swing, it's the perfect time to do some fun activities centered around it. The Olympic torch sparks the symbolic start of the Olympics each year.

Let's spark up some Olympic fun our own Olympic torch. Don't worry Mom, everything you need for this craft is in your house...somewhere.


The Olympic Torch

Supplies Needed
  • Card stock or construction Paper
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Tape or Glue sticks
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or crayon
After digging through all my Christmas paper, I couldn't find any red tissue paper. Time for plan B, construction paper. I only could find one piece of orange and one piece of yellow construction paper so I cut them in half so each child could have two colors.

Then I just hand drew what I consider flames of different heights. Please don't judge me..I'm not an artist. It's the fun that counts, right?
Optional variations: Add red paper if you have it. White paper could be used too, just let them color it to look like fire. Add a little pizzazz with glitter too. I was bummed I couldn't find mine. Red tissue paper from Christmas or Valentine's day is a good alternative too.
The kids cut out the flames. This is a great way to get some cutting practice in for the little ones.
For the torch handle, I cut a piece of 8.5x 11 card stock paper in half. If you don't have card stock, use construction paper.

Optional variations: An empty toilet paper or paper towel. Next tear off a piece of aluminum foil that will cover the paper. It only needs to cover one side completely. No aluminum foil, no worries, just let the kids color the handle.


Then they glued the flames onto the paper while it is still flat. They got real creative, which is awesome. My one daughter didn't like the tall flames so she cut them in smaller pieces. She glued them on the other flames to give them dimension. Ooookay, if you say so.
Once they finished gluing, they rolled up the paper and I stapled it on two ends.
We did a relay around the house with them. They were great as decorations for our Olympics party. Check out fun Olympic themed foods we did for our Olympic party here.

Flaming Facts

  • There were 14,000 torchbearers this year
  • The torch traveled over 40,000 miles to get to Sochi. That's like going from Virginia to California about 15 times.
  • The 2014 Olympic torch will make history as the first to travel to the International Space Station later this year. It will be taken on a space walk. Wonder how they are going to keep it lit?

Danah is a wife, homeschooling mom of two sweet little girls, and owner/creator of Giggle Bean, a children's party styling company located in Chesapeake, VA. Find out more about Giggle Bean and get creative ideas to make every day fun by following her blog at


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