Featured Camp: STEM Camps at Virginia Air & Space Center

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Summer Camps at Virginia Air & Space Center

Summer is here and we have some great programs to share with you this season!

Featured Camp: STEM Camps at Virginia Air & Space Center! Explore the different themes our ad partners at the VASC are offering for camps this summer including aviation, rockets, robotics, flight lab and more.

For more information and to register: Virginia Air & Space Center Summer Camps

June 27th-Jul 1st: Thrill Rides: Engineering Fun I-IV  

Round and round it goes, where it stops—gravity knows! Discover what it takes to design and build a thrill ride while maneuvering your way through the maze of Newton’s Laws. Learn to overcome the largest force on Earth! Design a bridge that could withstand an elephant stampede! Can you engineer a theme park in space? 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

Jul 5th-8th: Astronaut Academy I-IV 

Have you ever wanted to see the dark side of the moon? What does it take to survive in space? What do you imagine an alien would look like? Exercise like an astronaut and learn more the Earth, Moon, Sun and beyond. Learn about life in space and on the International Space Station. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

July 11th-15th: Blast Off! I-IV  

Space may be the final frontier, but getting there requires rockets! Become a rocketeer when you try your hand at rocket science! Make some edible rockets! Launch soda bottle rockets and balloon rockets. Build your own stomp rockets and challenge your friends to the highest lift-off! Explore the world of microgravity and how it affects astronauts in space. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

NEW! July 11th-22nd: Flight Lab: High School Edition                                                          

Have you ever dreamed of being a pilot? Learn about the adventurous world of flight in this action-packed two week camp. Fly a full motion flight simulator and tour a hanger and control tower at Freedom Aviation. Take a discovery flight on a CESSNA 152 with you at the controls. Find out if you have what it takes to command the skies! Campers must be at least 15 years old by July 11th, 2016 to register.

July 18th-22nd: Intro to NASA Robotics I-IV 

Enter the robot revolution! Robots galore for young scientists to explore and use, see how robots are everywhere in our daily lives. Learn what a robot is and make your own simple robots. Experiment with different types of robots. Have fun programming robot races, make your own aquatic robot creation. Learn about NASA’s latest and coolest space tech and design your own model version. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

July 25th -29th: Flight Lab I-IV  

What do you get when you add a balloon + rocket + inflatable flying saucer? Find out as you explore the science of flight and find out if you have what it takes to break the sound barrier. Discover the four principles of flight as you build and test your own flying machine. Build a hot air balloon and learn how paper lanterns fly. Participate in a paper airplane contest and aviation fun while learning about some of coolest aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems being developed by NASA engineers and scientists. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

August 1st-5th: X-treme Earth I-IV  

Make waves! Create a tsunami! Have fun learning about what causes lighting storms, snowstorms, and all kinds of x-treme weather phenomenon on our blue planet. Have you ever wondered why we need to wear sunscreen? Understand what makes earth an X-treme planet. See the Earth as you have never seen it before with NASAs Earth+, World Wind, and many more 3D imaging modules. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

August 8th-12th: Max-Speed: Reaching New Heights I-IV 

Can you create a race track on Saturn’s rings? Live life on the fast track and explore the world of engineering race cars. How much force does it take to stop a race car? How fast is Supersonic? Learn about the exciting world of race cars and high-speed vehicles and design your own model versions. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

August 15th-19th: Advanced NASA Robotics: Mars Quest I-IV 

Robotics fun as you explore the Martian terrain! Can you build a robot that will survive the Red Planet? How can astronauts survive and build a colony on Mars? Learn about NASA’s future missions to Mars as you create your own Mars colony model using robotics. 6-8th grade will participate in a field trip to NASA.

Virginia Air & Space Center Summer Camps 2016

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