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Featured Camp: Safari Camp at the Virginia Zoo

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Summer Safari Camp at the Virginia Zoo

Registration is open for the wildest camp around! Virginia Zoo Safari Camps are back, but not available for long. Camps for all ages sold out last year, so be sure to enroll now.

Space is limited, sign your campers up today!

With behind-the-scenes adventures and games galore, Safari Camp is a new way to discover the natural world. Campers of all abilities and learning styles can enjoy a fun, action-packed week where they will encounter animals up close, express their creativity, and explore the entire Zoo. Safari camps are an exciting opportunity for rising 1st-8th grade students, while the Early Explorers camp caters to rising Kindergarteners.

Safari Camp instructors are thoroughly prepared to provide your campers with an awesome day of camp! They are excited to share animals and nature with kids of all ages, and are trained in conservation education, classroom management, special needs, and First Aid/CPR.

Our camp programs are inclusive and encourage campers of all abilities and learning styles to learn at their own pace. A few activities may be overstimulating for campers who are sensory-sensitive. If you have concerns about whether Safari Camp is a good fit for your camper, please contact the Virginia Zoo Education Department.

Space is limited, sign your campers up today!

  • FURRY TAILS – Bibbidi bobbidi ZOO! Join us on a magical journey as we explore the animals in our favorite fairy tales. Stories will come to life as campers meet charming frog princes and delightful dragons in their adventures through the zoo. For Rising Kindergarteners.
  • THE FAST AND THE FURRIEST – Who is the fastest land animal? Who can dive the deepest in the sea? Come learn all about the biggest, brightest, and best that the animal kingdom has to offer in this exhilarating week of animal extremes!
  • BIO BUDDIES – Ever wonder how wild animals get along? Join the Bio Buddies on their adventures through the Virginia Zoo to discover the many ways animals interact with each other. Explore complex food webs, symbiotic relationships, and wacky animal friendships!
  • ZOO DETECTIVES – Whoooo done it? Another summer, another round of zoo mysteries! Campers will use their detective skills as they follow the trail to solve the mysteries of the animal kingdom. Work with the Director of the ZIA (Zoo Intelligence Agency) to follow clues, solve puzzles, and crack the case to earn your Virginia Zoo Detective Badge!
  • SPECTACULAR SPECIES PROTECTORS – The Virginia Zoo is home to many amazing animals…you may even call them magical! Join your fellow witches and wizards in becoming Spectacular Species Protectors as we explore the secret side of these fantastic creatures and learn all about their non-magic counterparts. It’s sure to cast a spell on you!
  • ZOOVIVORS – The animal world can be a tough place to survive. Whether swinging through the dense jungles or running on the grassy plains, animals are always competing to get ahead. Join us as we explore the ways animals outpace the competition to become the ultimate Zoovivor!
  • OPERATION CONSERVATION – From the plains of Africa to the jungles of South America, the Virginia Zoo partners with some truly inspiring conservation organizations. Travel the world with us as we explore ways to help animals around the globe and in our own backyards! What will you do to make a difference?
  • MYTHS & MONSTERS – Bigfoot, dragons, megalodons, and dinosaurs: need I say more? Travel back in time or deep into your imagination to meet notorious beasts in history and folklore. Discover the science behind fantastic myths and investigate real monsters that went extinct long ago. Over the course of the week, campers will become cryptozoologists, storytellers, and myth-busters as they explore some of the most impressive species that ever lived.
  • JUNIOR ZOOKEEPERS – Have you ever wanted to know if you have what it takes to be a zookeeper? Come find out in this in-depth look at everything zookeepers do: from feeding animals and cleaning exhibits, to conservation and animal research. Campers will get down and dirty as we learn the ins and outs of how we care for our animals here at the Virginia Zoo.

Space is limited, sign your campers up today!

Summer Safari Camp at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk