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Featured Camp: Inside Out Learners

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Inside Out Learners Chesapeake VA

Registration is now open for Our Featured Summer Camp from Inside Out Learners! This camp is for ages 6-11 for students with and without disabilities.

Update: New programming added!

Magical Academy Camp Role Playing Games

Camp Location: Inside Out Learners, 1220 Executive Blvd Suite 109, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Camp Description: In addition to continuing regular social skills programs and tutoring services throughout the summer, Inside Out Learners is offering an in-person summer camp for ages 6-11 from July 4th through August 26th, 2022. This camp runs from 9 am – 1 pm, Monday through Friday and you may register for one or more weeks. Bring your own lunch on Monday through Thursday only, because Friday is pizza party day!

Summer Camp with Inside Out Learners

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Some unique activities included throughout the week are:

• social skills games & lessons
• thematic activities
• video modeling activities
• craft projects
• role play activities
• team-building activities, and more!

Campers may have autism spectrum level 1, social anxiety, twice exceptionalism, or no diagnosis at all but regularly engage in full, reciprocal, meaningful conversations with others. Materials and activities are designed for learners who can independently use the restroom facilities and participate with minimal support from adults. Solid language and learning abilities are optimal for the camper experience, as many activities require higher order thinking and communication skills. Please contact us with any questions concerning whether or not this camp may be a good fit for your child.

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