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October 23, 2020

This fun family picture book is a humorous way to celebrate Halloween, while also teaching kids how changing perspective about a problem can change the problem itself. more >

October 22, 2020

Learn to Read with Reading Eggs books for kids! more >

October 21, 2020

Sometimes when your emotions get TOO Big it's hard to stay CALM and FOCUSED. A little Calm SPOT is a story about how using breathing, movement and mindset can help overcome some the biggest emotions. more >

October 20, 2020

Kindness Rocks is a touching children's book about the power of kindness and how small things can inspire, motivate and uplift others in tremendous ways. more >

October 19, 2020

A virus is in Monstertown and Witch wants to find the right spell to make it go away for good. But it’s tricky to make a virus vanish! Luckily, Witch’s friend Cat knows the best magic to use…and it’s not magic at all! more >

October 16, 2020

Told in rhythmic rhyme, Amelia the Mouse: Inventor Extraordinaire is the story of an overzealous inventor mouse who never gives up. more >

October 15, 2020

Smart Ninja learns a big lesson about what breeds success and it’s not what he initially thinks. Soon, he trades in his fixed mindset in for a growth mindset. more >

October 14, 2020

Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin is an enchanting tale that forever transforms the experience of pumpkin picking. Using their Magic Pumpkin Charm, children bring a pumpkin to life to share the magic of its single most important day of the year: Halloween. And as the magical day comes to a close, the Magic Pumpkin shares a secret that leaves them eagerly awaiting the next Halloween. Pumpkin picking will never be the same! more >

October 13, 2020

Find out what happens in this Ninja Life Hacks book about dealing with stress and anxiety. more >

October 12, 2020

With the help of a friend, Grateful Ninja learns all about cultivating an attitude of gratitude. more >

October 11, 2020

Pirates on a treasure hunt. An ancient weapon lost long ago. Two kids determined to save us all. Oh yeah, and space travel. more >

October 10, 2020

What if all the pumpkins are gone in the evening of All Saints' Day? And Oh no ... the younger brother who disguised as a pumpkin disappeared too... more >

October 9, 2020

Kids love to see things grow. Learn basic gardening and find the animals (revealed in online extras). more >

October 8, 2020

With her birthday coming up, Jessica hopes that, just maybe, her present will be a real-live potbellied pig. Jessica can hardly wait for her party with Judy Moody and all their friends. more >

October 7, 2020

When Eddie finds a little lost zombie in his backyard, there’s only one thing to do: Invite him into the house! Halloween will be extra special this year when Eddie and Harley the Zombie become best friends. Harley is curious, and he loves to eat. He’s the best fried chicken eater, and he really wants to be a great trick-or-treater. That’s no problem! Eddie can teach him how. But when Eddie’s mom and dad discover a little zombie exploring their home, this special Halloween might be doomed. more >

October 6, 2020

With beautiful and endearing illustrations, this sweet little poem will gently reassure your child of your unconditional love, now and forevermore. more >

October 5, 2020

When Broheimer tells his siblings there is going to be a blood moon, they are excited. What follows is a fun adventure including a quest for tomatoes, an encounter with a scarecrow, and an empty campsite which might belong to zombie hunters. more >

October 4, 2020

How does your child manage BIG MESSY emotions? more >

October 2, 2020

Do you have an anxiety monster that is big, and wild, and likes to visit you? Is there any way to tame him? Can he be a helpful monster that you just might not mind having around? more >

October 1, 2020

In this humorous, rhyming story a little girl's attempts to befriend a monster lead from one disaster to the next. All is not lost though as this unlikely pair may have more in common than you think. more >

September 30, 2020

The air is getting chilly, and Milly is ready to celebrate two beloved fall holidays in her own unique, willy-nilly way! more >

September 29, 2020

It isn't every day there is such a theme among the free titles on Amazon, but today it is all about stories featuring Bees! more >

September 28, 2020

You'll believe in magic after meeting an unlikely heroine named Soren. more >

September 27, 2020

A Little Sleepy SPOT: A Story About A Good Night's Sleep - Is your child's bedtime a struggle? Is your child wanting to stay up late? Or they are having a hard time sleeping in their own bed? more >

September 26, 2020

In this inspirational storybook written in rhyme, Annabelle asks "Why do we look, the way that we do? With hands and feet, in neat sets of two? What made my eyes? And what made my nose? And the shape of my body, from my head to my toes?" A wise owl answers by taking the characters on an incredible journey through Darwinian evolution. more >

September 25, 2020

Organized Ninja has a secret weapon he uses against messy habits and disorganization. more >

September 24, 2020

Where is Bob Tom? The Story of a Rambling Cat tells the tale of a kitty that shows up all around town but seems to belong nowhere in particular. more >

September 23, 2020

Princesses don't have sticky hair . . . unless they decide to explore a cave and accidentally walk through a spider web! more >

September 22, 2020

When Kayla Dunn’s family moves from the city to the country town of Orchard Falls, she has one dream: to grow pumpkins big enough to compete in the annual Jack-o’-Lantern Festival. more >

September 21, 2020

Sometimes kids are happy. Sometimes they are sad. Kids learn in this book that it’s okay, either way! more >

September 20, 2020

Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows features the much-loved classic tales of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad. more >

September 18, 2020

The rocks are back, this time in a wacky collection of lyrically written, single-page stories that will have you laughing, pondering and reading them over and over again! more >

September 17, 2020

Can a Tree Be Blue? is a fun, brightly illustrated nature story for toddlers, preschoolers, and young readers. more >

September 16, 2020

On a windy autumn day, Marla Little comes running down the hill yelling, “Help! My giant pumpkin is rolling away! Onward it goes, rolling and turning, with no sign of stopping! Diddle-dee-doo! Oh, what shall I do?” more >

September 15, 2020

Ellie's mom did not come for their visit, and Ellie is stuck in a cloud of sadness and anger as she tries to understand why. Fortunately, Miss K. and Ellie's Uncle Finny are there to help her. more >

September 14, 2020

Aiden has a case of "The Actuallys," and just can't help but correct others on the most trivial of facts. One day, someone gives him a piece of advice that could change everything... will he listen to the advice or keep up old habits? more >

September 13, 2020

Half boy. Half vampire. All hero... more >

September 12, 2020

Don't miss a chance to download the entire collection for FREE! BEATRIX POTTER Ultimate Collection - 23 Children's Books With Complete Original Illustrations. more >

September 11, 2020

This is a STEM book and more! An inspiring, inclusive, whimsical way to learn about computers and technology from real-life trailblazers. more >

September 10, 2020

In this heartfelt story about courage, change, and moving on, a girl and her companion fox travel together away from a sorrowful past, through challenging and stormy times, toward color and light and life. more >

September 9, 2020

When his friends want to learn how to be more comical, Funny Ninja teaches them there are three types of jokes. more >

September 8, 2020

A virus arrives in Monstertown and Mayor Mummy tells everyone they should wear masks. But the other monsters aren’t so sure they want to. Will Mummy be able to convince them? more >

September 7, 2020

Click the link to download: Patient Ninja     This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Also, make sure to check out… more >

September 6, 2020

Dennis writes an opinion essay for his teacher, Mrs. Shirky. But will his essay convince his parents to get the dog of his dreams? more >

September 5, 2020

Would you like to go on an Antarctic adventure? Would you want to watch cute penguins play winter games? How about an iceberg escapade? more >

September 4, 2020

“I’ve spent lots of time learning how to be a friend to others, but what does it mean to be a friend to myself?” more >

September 3, 2020

It's a beautiful day! Let's all go on a hike! Spend some time outdoors which I'm sure you will like! more >

September 2, 2020

Why are pumpkins round? It's all because of Princess Pumpkin Patch. Find out how pumpkins became round in this charming adventure for kids. more >

September 1, 2020

Looking for ways to inspire your children to be kind and empathetic so they can make the world a better place? more >

August 31, 2020

A new school year is starting, but this year looks and feels a little different than everyone expected. Join our family on their very first day of virtual school. more >

August 30, 2020

You’re not really afraid of zombies, are you? Take a peek into the lives of the Moore zombie family. When Gargoy goes missing, Baby Zom enlists her siblings to help in the search. more >

August 29, 2020

This story will create appreciated moments to be cherished for a lifetime to come. more >

August 28, 2020

‘Did Dinosaurs Have Boogers?’ is a fun and educational rhyming tale, based on the outrageous questions posed by the most curious pupils in class. more >

August 27, 2020

Ella gazes up at the sky, thinking the UNIVERSE is such an immense and undiscovered place, bursting with stars, planets, galaxies and possibilities! more >

August 26, 2020

In the newest Ninja Life Hacks book, Confidence Ninja learns that failing is part of the process. Find out what happens in this comedic book about overcoming low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. more >

August 25, 2020

Charlie and Sally are looking for something special. They are looking for the letter "a”. It has disappeared. Can you find it? more >

August 24, 2020

Click the link to download: The Story of Doctor Dolittle     This book is currently a FREE download on Amazon but prices can change at any time so be sure to check the price before you purchase! Also, make sure to check… more >

August 23, 2020

This is an invitation to a new nighttime ritual, a going-to-bed book that reminds us all that bedtime can be the most wonderful time of all... more >

August 22, 2020

When Arial learns that she will have to pay for the new sushi robot she wants, she thinks up an ingenious plan to work for the money she needs. more >

August 20, 2020

Brick Greek Myths: The Stories of Heracles, Athena, Pandora, Poseidon, and Other Ancient Heroes of Mount Olympus more >

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