Bedtime Story Suggestion: Justine, we're late! (Conflict resolution and problem solving for little ones)


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Amazon Description: Justine, a young girl, never seems to be ready for school in time.

She just can't decide what to wear!

Her mom gets very upset with her and Justine doesn't know what to do.
Luckily, Justine's three favorite stuffed animals come to her rescue, each offering her different advice.

But which advice should she choose? How can she solve the conflict with her mom?

Justine, we're late! is the first book in the series: Conflict resolution and problem solving for little ones.

This series of books focuses on common conflicts and arguments our children will likely encounter early on in their lives. Power struggles over choosing clothes, bedtime, and sibling rivalry are just some of the subjects discussed in this series, through an engaging story and colorful illustrations.

These stories can assist parents in addressing a particular argument they had with their child, or in teaching the children various methods of conflict resolution, and all in a fun way.

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