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November 30, 2017

Packed with completely useless advice and jolly illustrations, this charming rhyming picture book is a simple, silly guide to life, which will enlighten and entertain silly children (and silly adults) everywhere! A silly rhyming picture book for children by Gerald Hawksley, created especially for the Kindle. more >

November 30, 2017

The movie always was hilarious, here is your chance to save on tickets to see the new Musical version of Freaky Friday live on stage at the Sandler Center! more >

November 29, 2017

Our advertising partners at Inside Out Learners are offering one family a FREE spot in their upcoming Winter Holiday Social Event! more >

November 29, 2017

A great Chanukah activity for kids brought to you by The Home Depot and Chabad of Tidewater! Bring your kids to build their very own Menorah! more >

November 28, 2017

Today I’m A Monster is the enchanting tale of a little boy who woke up in a very bad mood indeed! From the minute he gets out of bed, he is determined to be a monster and put everyone else in a bad mood with his bad behavior. more >

November 27, 2017

The enchanting story of a boy who wouldn’t grow up and the girl he promised to always remember... more >

November 27, 2017

A Cyber Monday special for Target!! more >

November 27, 2017

There are SO MANY great discounts today for Cyber Monday on Amazon.... including lots and lots of popular toys! more >

November 26, 2017

Stock up for cold weather and save big today with Coats for the entire family On Sale (Today Only) up to 50% off! This is also a great way to stock up on donations for children in need of winter coats. more >

November 25, 2017

Gilly wouldn't call herself wicked, exactly...but when you have five little brothers and sisters and live in a run-down boot, you have to get creative to make ends meet. Gilly's a pretty good thief (if she does say so herself). Until she gets caught. more >

November 24, 2017

Zoe Zebra has lost her Z! Without it she’s just an Ebra! Come along with Zoe on a rhyming journey from A to Z, as your child meets a range of silly animals, from a smart kangaroo wearing blue to a herd of llamas in bright orange pajamas. more >

November 22, 2017

For those who have dreamt of wilderness escape, or those who prefer to simply read about it, Adventure North will spur the imaginative spirit and remind you that adventure is always just around the next bend. more >

November 21, 2017

Today only and while supplies last you can save up to 35% Off on Food Jars, Beverage Bottles and Funtainers! more >

November 20, 2017

Join Lulu and her family on a springtime trip to her grandparents’ farm. Participate in all the family fun, playing soccer, and board games. Tag along with her while she visits the animals, and welcomes a new baby kid. more >

November 19, 2017

You are the heroine, the princess who is searching for her identity. This unforgettable journey is a page turner, but you’ll have to turn pages back and forth, since this adventure will take you all over the place. more >

November 19, 2017

Today only and while supplies last save up to 50% on sports gear for your active child! more >

November 18, 2017

Love elephants and hate it when they are mistreated? Here's a true elephant story with a happy ending! The Elephant That Went for A Swim is a whimsical look at an elephant rescue that needed the combined efforts of the wildlife department, Elephant Management Unit, zoo, rangers and military of Singapore and Malaysia. Lovely hand-painted illustrations capture well the tropical setting of the story. more >

November 18, 2017

My kids loved these things, the only reason they stopped using the one we had was they got too tall! Great for active play, the Original PlasmaCar is on sale today! more >

November 18, 2017

Today only and while supplies last you can save 25% on Toys at Target! more >

November 17, 2017

Baby Chomper’s Bath Time is a bubbly and buoyant tale about a little puppy who learns to have fun doing his least favorite thing-- taking a bath! more >

November 16, 2017

Warning: Everyone says this book stinks! Hold your nose for this hilarious story about a young boy's search for why his book smells so bad.... more >

November 15, 2017

We are Joined at the Heart” is a story of unconditional deep abiding love. more >

November 15, 2017

Don't miss the bus! Silly Bus offers a fun-filled morning of radio-friendly children's music perfect for kindergarten through second-grade students. more >

November 14, 2017

Anna and Elsa are coming to town and they are bringing the entire gang for fun on the ice at Hampton Coliseum! We have 4 tickets for one lucky family! more >

November 12, 2017

During the last week of June, 1825, Clara's town is abuzz because the famous General Lafayette is about to visit their state during his farewell tour of America. In those eventful seven days, Clara learns a lot about her family, Hetty, Dickon, herself, and about Lafayette. more >

November 11, 2017

While winging their way to Denmark the Happy Hollisters become friendly with a member of the Queen of Denmark’s staff. She is bringing home the Queen’s own valuable reproduction of the “Little Mermaid,” the famous statue that overlooks the harbor in Copenhagen. more >

November 9, 2017

A FREE Community Concert this weekend highlighting the talents of The Virginia Street Choir, The Virginia Children's Chorus and the Chamber Orchestra. more >

November 8, 2017

A FREE Night of fun for Teens, by Teens at Virginia MOCA! more >

November 7, 2017

Santa quickly sets out on a worldwide search for a “temporary team” of reindeer in the few hours before Christmas, but when he returns with no reindeer he finds he's in for a big surprise. more >

November 6, 2017

Great fun with food! Who knew what lay within Jenny’s green omelet? Not Jenny, until she gave it some thought. Fields of green, chickens laying the eggs, cows providing milk for the cheese – all this and more went into her tasty brunch. She came out of the restaurant with a greater sense of appreciation for what she had eaten and what she will eat in the future. What will dinner hold? more >

November 6, 2017

Win a Family 6 pack of tickets for the Polar Express Tram Ride Only this holiday season at Norfolk Botanical Garden! more >

November 6, 2017

Harry Potter is coming to Norfolk, accompanied by the talents of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra! more >

November 5, 2017

Tyler Hartmann had made mistakes, but today was the worst so far. The ship he was on with his mom had been caught in a storm and slammed against some rocks. Soaked by the pouring rain and confused by the darkness, Tyler and the other children had jumped into a lifeboat. It was what they’d been taught by the captain their first day on the ship. But the adults had all gotten on a separate lifeboat. more >

November 5, 2017

Today only you can save on select kids winter apparel! If you need snow pants for the kids this is your opportunity! more >

November 3, 2017

As you journey through each fable, Reedy’s engaging insight and quirky imagery will leave you feeling elated and inspired from the trip. more >

November 2, 2017

Free fishing in Virginia Beach this weekend! Lynnhaven Pier is celebrating 61 years of fishing fun and welcoming everyone to come fish this weekend at no charge! more >

November 2, 2017

I know that there are a bunch of little mermaids who will love this event - a FREE family friendly mermaid party! more >

November 2, 2017

This rhyming book is an absolutely adorable bedtime story about a little brave girl who overcomes fear of the dark. more >

November 1, 2017

Croak! Bleep! Ring! Ring! Zobott wasn't normally so noisy. Join Praxx as he discovers why his best friend is making such a racket. Zobott is...The Ringing Robot! more >

November 1, 2017

Today only and while supplies last you can grab some of these toys up to 50% off... more > Hampton Roads Group
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